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I have had one gay experience though but I don't believe it to have been sufficient enough to award it the title of the time I lost my virginity.I had always heard how Thailand is a mecca for gay travellers and so I was intent on taking advantage of my being on my own in a faraway foreign land to make progress in my gay life. Everywhere I went I was confronted with the sleazy image of old western men enjoying the company of young Thai boys.When the heat of the sauna and steam rooms got too much I would take a seat outside watching people come and go or in the cafe where I eventually grabbed some dinner.It was here that I saw another white guy around my age although at first glance he was not really my type and so I didn't take much notice of him.

Having not yet seen much interesting action or attractive men this got me going fairly quickly and so I moved across and took a seat next to him.

Another thing that disappointed me was the lack of foreign guys.

That may have just been down to the time and day that I was there but as I'm not really attracted to Thai or Asian men I felt like my options were slightly limited.

Babylon was different to how I had imagined it would be.

For starters it is a lot smaller than they make it out to be.

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I was naturally quite nervous but the fact that I was in a completely foreign city where I knew absolutely nobody combined with nearly 24 years of zero sexual activity meant that I was resolute in my decision and there was nothing that was going to stop me from going!

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